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Beautiful Harmony

20 May 2019

Naruhito ascended to the Chrysanthemum Throne to become Japan’s 126th Emperor. It follows the abdication (a first in 200 years) of his father Emperor Akhito and begins the Reiwa Era (Beautiful Harmony). The occasion of the Emperors accession was celebrated in traditional Japanese fashion at the Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa.

Photo: Ambassador Maruyama presents a video tribute of the life and times of Emperor Naruhito

Ambassador Norio Maruyama, who recently presented his credentials to the newly inaugurated South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, noted that among the first duties carried out by the new Emperor was the signing of his Letter of Credence.

The change in Emperor will also mean a change in the date of Japans National Day which is celebrated on the Emperor’s birthday which is February 23rd.




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