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Russia lays wreath at Wall of Names

13 December 2019

The inscriptions with the names of 67 Soviet military specialists who sacrificed their lives to assist the liberation struggle in Southern Africa were unveiled last year at Freedom Park.

Speaking at the annual commemoration on 13 December 2019, Mr. Ilya Rogachev, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of South Africa said that the Soviet people provided multifaceted support to many African liberation movements, including the anti-apartheid one. “Military expertise, financial aid, personnel training, consistent and continuing support in the international arena – these are just some of the aspects of this substantial assistance.”  

Ambassador Rogachev said that it was during these difficult years that the principles of solidarity and mutual respect were laid down and that now forms the basis of the relations between Russia and African States.  The recent successful Russia-Africa Summit is testament to these good relations.

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This year’s wreath-laying ceremony at the Wall of Names focused on Oliver Tambo and his relations with the Soviet leadership. Rare archival photos illustrating the friendly relations between OR and the political leadership of the Soviet Union were exhibited at Freedom Park.




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