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Ecuadorian Coffee Tasting

3 February 2020

Ecuador is one of only 15 countries that grow both Arabica and Robusta beans, the two main categories of coffee. Coffee beans are grown in different regions throughout this biodiverse country resulting in coffee with different characteristics.

Photo: Mrs Maria Soledad Cordova, Ambassador of Ecuador in South Africa

A coffee tasting was hosted by Mrs Maria Soledad Cordova, Ambassador of Ecuador in South Africa where guests were treated to coffee from the Mountains of Ecuador and from the Galapagos Islands. Enjoyed without milk and sugar, as this is how Cordova said the distinct flavours of each blend can be savoured, the guests each shared their preference. The coffee from the islands was light and slightly fruity whereas the altitude one was stronger with a hint of chocolate.






“Coffee should be enjoyed with friends,” said Cordova, and coffee and chocolate go great together. And so guests were served Ecuadorian chocolates, arguably the best chocolate in the world, to enjoy with their preferred Ecuadorian blend.

Cordova said that she believes in South-South cooperation and she is seeking out new markets for products from Ecuador. South Africa, she believes, would have a great appetite for coffee and chocolates from Ecuador.




February/March 2020








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