DWI Launches Wholistic World Innovation Trophy, WIT

Brussels, September 15, 2020: Diplomatic World Institute proudly announces the launch of the first ever Wholistic World Innovation Trophy.

The rapid technology-driven change has a huge impact on our societies, now fuelled by the pandemic crisis, by making people feel uneasy and longing for the stable structures of the past that had made them feel secure. However, post Corona innovation is no longer purely technology driven. Globalisation and business itself need to be thought of in a different, wholistic way.

The TIME industries (Technology, Internet Media & Entertainment) are playing a significant role for our societies. Media is content, and content is data. Thus, it takes a key role in both innovation cycles and how to monitor and comprehend it.

Therefore, once a year, we identify one exclusive innovation with the potential of global impact. Our independent board of senior experts from the TIME industries selects the most influential innovation of the year. DWI is the facilitator, providing the framework to reach an independent decision, free from any industry or social groups’ interest.

The board is presided by Gülden Türktan, founding chairwoman of W20 by G20. Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) is represented by Karen Donders, Associate Professor at the Communication Studies and Social Sciences departments.

The board is completed by five members representing one continent each: Maria Rua Aguete, Senior Research Director for TV, Video and Advertising at OMDIA (London), Gillian Rose, Senior Vice President, Television and New Media Distribution NBC Universal (New York), Rini Elizabeth Mukkath, editor-in-Chief of Luxe Code (Mumbai), Kirtan Bhana, founder of The Diplomatic Society (Pretoria) and Jonathon Hutchinson, lecturer in online media and researcher of internet governance, cultural intermediation and public service broadcasting at the University of Sydney.

The WIT receives an exclusive and unique piece of art from the Icarus Series by internationally renowned Belgian-German artist Ulrike Bolenz. She is continuously expanding her global presence and perfectly fits the task of the award using innovative material and her own state-of-the-art techniques combining it with traditional craft.

We will launch the WIT jury process in mid-September. The first ever WIT will be presented early in 2021. We will shortly announce more details. 

Dieter Brockmeyer, DWI Director Innovation & TIME:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., http://diplomatic-world-institute.com/en/wit