Creating Communities of Excellence

Sello Motsei with Principals Ngwasheng and Kalayci

19 November 2021

Education is seen as a way out of poverty, yet in South Africa many of the previously disadvantaged schools remain under-resourced. There are many benefits to these schools partnering with well-resourced ones, exposing them to what is possible.

Kgwebong Consulting team led by Mr Sello Motsei facilitated a meeting between the principal of Iketleng Primary School, Ms S Ngwasheng and Star College (Turkish School) Principal, Mr Murat Kalayci. Iketleng Primary School is based in an informal settlement called Kanana in Hammanskraal and Star College is based in Pretoria East.

The purpose of the meeting was to expose the Principal of Iketleng to the high performance culture of Star College. The meeting was extremely informative because we were exposed to the rich culture of Turkey. One of the powerful lessons was the importance of values in creating high performance culture. Ngwasheng said the most important part of creating a high performance culture is kutwano, which is a Tswana word which refers to unity.

Kgwebong Consulting is on a mission to elevate schools in the townships and many more such interactions exposing and benchmarking schools, are on the cards.