SA pledges support to Yemen

23 March 2021

The Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Dr Naledi Pandor held a virtual meeting with her Yemeni counterpart, Dr Ahmed bin Mubarak, this morning, 16 March 2021.

The meeting was a positive engagement that sought to advance bilateral relations between South Africa and Yemen, as well as entering into frank discussions on the political situation in Yemen and ways in which South Africa may offer its support.

Minister Pandor conveyed the sympathies of the people of South Africa regarding the deepening humanitarian crises in Yemen as a consequence of the ongoing conflict. In this regard, the Minister offered South Africa’s support to the Yemeni Government and proposed to share the country’s expertise in conflict resolution and negotiation.

Inaugural meeting of South African Students in China Association during the year of the Ox

By Sibusiso Bakana

23 March 2021

While South Africa is in the Autumn and facing Winter. Around the country and in the international theatre the pandemic known as COVID-19 is predicated to hit with a third wave. As the current South Africans studying in China, both still trapped back home and those experiencing the Spring in China are following the Chinese Zodiac.

Indeed, the South African community in China during this time is motivated by such a year as declared Ox year, which is interpreted by the Chinese as hardworking and methodical. A new fruit since the diplomatic ties between Sino-South Africa has been spotted from a long-planted tree, such fruit is constituted by the future thinking tank of South Africa and a genuine bridge to keep strengthening the two countries relations, as President Xi once said it depends on young people such a shared future.

Saint Patrick's Day - Reflecting on Ireland’s historical and contemporary relationship with South Africa

by Fionnuala Gilsenan, Ambassador of Ireland to South Africa
26th January 1979. Dublin, Ireland. First major conference on links between the European Economic Community and South Africa organised by the Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement in Liberty Hall in Dublin. Oliver Tambo, then President of the African National Congress, pictured shaking hands with Fr. Austin Flannery. ©Photo by Derek Speirs

17 March 2021

Typically, Saint Patrick’s Day is marked worldwide with effusive celebrations of Irish culture. In 2021, Ireland’s National Day will be a slightly different affair. In South Africa, we are celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day by looking back on the shared history between our two countries, and reminding ourselves that our lasting solidarity and friendship bring great hope for the future.

The first Irish Society was founded in Cape Town in 1829 and St Patrick’s Day has been celebrated in South Africa ever since. When we cancelled the annual St Patrick’s Day festivities in 2020, we were acutely aware of the historical break the pandemic demanded. St Patrick’s Day is quintessentially a social occasion, a time for enjoying music, “craic” and conversation with friends old and new. A global pandemic is perhaps the only thing that could have stopped us in our tracks!

Diplomatic World brand celebrates its 20th anniversary

Message by Barbara Dietrich, President and CEO

Since its inception, it has been a magazine devoted to political and diplomatic matters and with time it has become well established in Brussels, the capital of the European Union.

Over the years, Diplomatic World has expanded its thematic coverage to include culture, arts, business & health. We have undertaken cultural projects (e.g. Women for Peace) and have dedicated ourselves to addressing the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges, such as climate change and women’s rights. Throughout the years, more and more subscribers started appreciating the quality of our content, leading to us counting all the embassies in Brussels, presidential offices and heads of states globally, as well as government constituents and royal families to our dedicated Diplomatic World magazine readership.

South African Royal Princesses Network dedicate hike against GBV in honour of His Majesty King Zwelithini Zulu

By HRH Stella Sigcau
Princess Gaboilelwe Moroka (Barolong Boo Seleka - Thaba Nchu, Free State), a member of the South African Princess Network, also serving in the Executive of the National House of Traditional Leaders pictured with the late King Zwelithini.

15 March 2021

The South African Royal Princess Network will dedicate their hike against GBV scheduled to take place in various parts of South Africa on 20 March 2021 on human rights weekend to honour His Majesty the late King Zwelithini Zulu of the Zulu Kingdom who advocated strongly against GBV. They will also wear black to mourn the passing of His Majesty and observe a moment of silence prior to commencing their hike.

The hike is one of the campaigns the Princesses have embarked on to create awareness of GBV and to empower women through donation of groceries to GBV victims and women led families in need as well as through planned workshops and seminars on GBV.

10 years after the Tsunami in Japan
(File photo)

Message by Mr Norio Maruyama, Ambassador of Japan to South Africa

11 March 2021

Today marks 10 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Once again I would like to express our condolences to the families of those who lost their lives. The Great East Japan Earthquake was a complex disaster of unprecedented scale, but thanks to the efforts of people in the affected areas and the efforts of various people, in Japan and from abroad, the reconstruction of the affected areas is making steady progress.

Immediately after the earthquake, a rescue team from South Africa, the first emergency rescue team ever dispatched to Japan from Africa, arrived at Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture.

The rescue team from South Africa risked their own lives to lend a hand of support to save the lives of people and give them hope.

Fun at the Fiesta Filipinas!
Hosts Paolo Abrera and Chal Rosario

8 March 2021

The Fiesta Filipinas virtual experience is an innovative way of displaying the brilliant Filipino culture and a fantastic way of sharing that culture with the rest of the world during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This year the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines in conjunction with the Department of Tourism and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts made it possible to experience and celebrate the Fiesta Filipinas across the globe. A virtual multi-sensory experience in six parts, which started in December of 2020 and ends in May of 2021, was created to celebrate the various festivals.


Womens Day 2021 fpg

by Dushiela

Dear Woman, the magnificence of your core beckons attention.
Patterned on the Mother, what divine qualities lie hidden within?
As the world tries to define you, your gaze is forced outward,
upward, downward; yet the greatest magic reveals itself inward.
Your essence whispers the shape of your identity; listen in the stillness.
For the voices that shout “you can’t do it”, what is your response?
For the voice inside that says “I can’t do it”; know the power of You.
Stand up and dance with this power to create a brighter dawn.
Sing your soul song loud and clear, radiating sunshine through your smile.
Honouring your creator self, flood the world with joyful expression.
You are not alone; play well with your sisters, laugh together in the rain.
Allow the hand of grace to quench your thirst and still your hunger.
The feminine is called to rise and shine brighter than ever before,
illuminating the terrain where great destinies continue to unfold.

A review of Dieter Brockmeyer’s book Pandemia’s Box

by Kirtan Bhana

27 February 2021

What has happened? What is happening? What is going to happen?

Dieter Brockmeyer’s book Pandemia’s Box is a must read and seems to be headed to becoming a bestseller. The author has found the perfect time to release his work and has metaphorically titled It to describe the pandemonium that the Covid 19 virus has unleashed on humanity and our sense of being. The opening of the proverbial Pandora’s Box has burst a bubble with a big bang.

Brockmeyer, in his affable writing style, examines the fallout, removes the veneers and presents a pragmatic overview of the situation and conditions and explains that wholistic, innovative and real solutions are required. He acknowledges that the book was not written to provide ‘silver bullets’ to the problems but he does reflect an optimistic perception that through trial and error, new inventions and innovations will lead to a new order of things in the world.

125 Years of Victory of ADWA inspires Pan Africanism
Dr Shiferaw Teklemariam, Ambassador of Ethiopia to South Africa at a media briefing

25 February 2021

At the media briefing hosted by the Ethiopian Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa, HE Ambassador Dr Shiferaw Teklemariam expressed the need for Africa to harness its own capabilities and develop a narrative of Africa - for Africa - by Africans. A united continent can solve anything and can be a leader in development without outside intervention, said Dr Teklemariam.

Referring to the victory of the battle of Adwa which is commemorated on March 2nd every year, it signifies a turning point in colonial era propagated history. Ethiopian patriots decisively defeated the Italian army who sought to impose their authority on Ethiopia’s international relations. This profound event stopped the colonisation and subjugation of Ethiopians. Records and monuments of its deep and ancient civilization and independence remains preserved through its written languages, culture and traditions.

Ambassador of Egypt sees South African cyclists off to Cairo

25 February 2021

Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in South Africa, Ambassador Ahmed El Fadly, held an outdoor reception on 24 February at the premises of the Embassy of Egypt in Pretoria for a number of qualified South African cyclists participating in the two African championships, the African Road and Track championships which will take place in Cairo in March, 2021.

During the reception, El Fadly indicated the importance of the role of sports in people to people relationships and its contribution to consolidating the values of tolerance, cooperation and mutual respect. "Sports play a vital role for both the individual and for the society as whole, pushing the limits of human achievement." El Fadly said.

Japan celebrates the birthday of Emperor Naruhito
Japan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, MOTEGI Toshimitsu meeting with South Africa's Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Naledi Pandor in Pretoria, South Africa (Photo: Jacoline Schoonees, Dirco)

23 February 2021

Today marks the 61st birthday of Emperor Naruhito of Japan and therefore Japan’s national day. He ascended to the throne on 1 May 2019 as the 126th Emperor of Japan.

This day would normally be celebrated in grand style but due to restrictions as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ambassador Norio Maruyama of Japan held small intimate functions in Pretoria, South Africa to mark the occasion.The Diplomatic Society (DS) interviewed Ambassador Norio Maruyama (HE) on this ocassion who highlighted the strengthening Japan-South Africa relations.

DS: The year 2019 was a year of unprecedented splendour and importance for Japan-South Africa relations. The Rugby World Cup hosted in Japan was a great opportunity to tighten the bonds between the people of the two countries. Most notably, President Ramaphosa visited Japan three times during the year. It was an unprecedented event in the history of South Africa-Japan relations. Given all these remarkable developments, the year 2020 should have seen a further boost in relations between the two countries. However, due to COVID-19, numerous opportunities were lost. How have you mitigated these challenges?

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